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Environmental Impacts of Plastics vs. Metals: Which is better?

Waste of all kinds has become a pressing issue in today’s modern world. One of the most prevalent forms of waste we see on a daily basis is packaging waste: often from food, drinks, or other perishables.

The amount of packaging waste created has been steadily increasing and the EU is currently at the staggering yearly per capita rate of 167 kg [6].

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How is Tinplate Processed?

Tinplate is one of the eco-friendly packaging materials that are available. Tinplate is steel sheets that are coated on both sides by tin. This combines the strength of steel with the resistance to corrosion and solderability of tin.

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Maintaining Canned Food Quality

Food safety measures are aimed at ensuring that the food that is canned has no microbiological contamination or toxins. The canning process can differ based on the food, container and contamination involved.

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How Packaging Shape and Sound influences the percerption of Sweetness and Sourness

People associate tastes, aromas and flavours with packaging shape, name and sound, according to a study from the University of Oxford. Understanding of this mix of sensory perceptions can help product packaging designers improve communication with consumers.

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Purposes of Food Packaging

Food packaging is based on psychological studies on how people judge brands. Here are details about the purposes of food packaging and how it helps gain a competitive edge. Packaging has evolved since the late twentieth century to become more creative and engaging. 

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5 Dimensions of Product Emotions - How Packaging Can Help

Packaging of luxury food products and cosmetics involves appealing to multiple layers of emotional meaning. Designers must understand how to embed these emotions in their packaging designs. Here's a deeper look at how knowledge of the five dimensions of product emotion can create a more attractive and appropriate package.

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Packaging Luxury Foodstuff

The packaging of human impulses is what drives food brands, especially in the gourmet sector. With 40,000 choices at typical supermarkets, U.S. consumers often can't decide what they want and buy products on impulse.

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The Role of Graphics and Color in Metal packaging

Packaging designers understand the importance of graphics and color in metal packaging. Visual stimuli drives emotions and can play a pivotal role in product purchasing decisions among consumers. Color alone can account for up to 90% of an individual's decision as to whether he or she likes a product, according to a 2006 study by Singh. Here are important considerations for designers in their focus on graphics and color.

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Understanding the relation between packaging design and consumer response

Even long before packaging design became a focus among marketers, there has always been a sense that aesthetics has had something to do with why people are attracted to certain products. Now in the new millennium a growing body of evidence confirms that visual stimuli is a huge factor in purchasing choices at physical stores. Here's a deeper look at how consumers respond to packaging design.

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