Chocolates , Biscuits and Confectionery packaging

We offers you a whole range of tins of various shapes to package biscuits, confectionery and chocolates.

Cosmetic Packaging at its best

We offers a large range of aluminum and metal tin for the cosmetic industry. Our tins adapt to any type of cosmetic products: cream, balm, powder, gel etc.


Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

We offer a large range of aluminum and metal tins for the pharmaceutical industry. Our tins can be applied for any type of pharmaceutical products: lozenge and pellets, lip gloss, gel etc.

Caviar, find the best design

From 10 g to 1 kilo, our tins are specifically designed for the packaging of caviar and are customized to your needs. These tins, stamped in a single operation have rolled edges, protected inside with a food varnish. Gold or Silver color, printed or painted to the outside, giving your product a perfect finish.

Tea, Coffee and Spices - our stars in the limelight

Choose from our wide range of recyclable and food-safe tins - standard as well as tailor-made.

Offset ink tins designed to work with vacuum packaging

Desjardin uses its technical know-how in the processes of vacuum packaging to help in the conservation of offset printing inks.

Metal Packaging for motion pictures and soundtracks

Specific metal tins for storing and packaging of motion pictures and soundtracks. Also very popular in packaging and promotional tool! Promotion: Embossed, Printed, customized: these boxes to suit all situations.



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packaging, Desjardin uses its technical know-how to help in the conservation of offset printing inks.



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