Full range of vacuum metal tins for the offset ink industry. 

Quality, Effectiveness and Tradition in the Offset Ink Segment

Desjardin is the global market leader in the production and distribution of offset ink tins for industrial users.
The French quality producer of metal  packaging has been the preferred choice for standard and bespoke offset tins for more than 35 years. Sophisticated manufacturing processes assure quality and delivery reliability for batch sizes ranging from 5,000 up  to several  millions. 


Offset Ink Tins

Desjardin is a direct supplier for offset ink manufacturers supplying world-wide. With efficient supply chains, ink manufacturers get direct and personal support by Desjardin, insuring fast and easy communication, effective coordination of your technical needs - with respect to material,  color and printing.

Lean processes for quick delivery, fast go-to-market, high quality and most economical prices. 


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Grey vacuum tin

Standard grey vacuum tin

We have a range of different standard sizes available and can produce bespoke versions based on your technical needs.

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Printed vacuum tin


Printed vacuum tin

Desjardin tins can be delivered blank. But you can personalise your vacuum ink tin product. Just send us the layout. Our sophisticated production facility will produce in highest quality, no matter what batch size.


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VCI - Vacuum Machine for Offset ink

We have a range of different standard sizes available and can produce bespoke versions based on your technical needs.

Our metal tins are designed to be closed under automatic vacuum packaging. For small series we offer our semi-automatic machine, the Vacuum Closing Machine (VCI Max). 

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