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Nostalgia - How Fancy Tins Trigger Memories

Consumers tend to take packaging for granted in general, but often notice unique or artistic packaging during holidays and other special occasions. Fancy tins work well for these marketing scenarios, because people associate recognizable special designs with time markers, based on experiences and gifts they've given or received in the past. Here we describe how fancy tins are associated with personal experiences and nostalgia.

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Fancy Tins: 5 Dimensions of Product Emotions To Build On

Fancy tins can play a significant role in the packaging of luxury foods and cosmetics. In both industries emotional content must be part of the package. Designers of these elegant and sometimes elaborate metal containers need to consider consumer psychology research on how "product emotions" are fundamental in packaging design for connecting with target consumers.

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Colors and Emotions - Part 3

Investigations into what colors mean and how they influence consumers have brought marketers and packaging designers a mix of clarity and appetite for deeper knowledge. While there are plenty of studies to draw from to make useful assumptions about new designs, there are still many unanswered questions about the relationship between colors and emotions. Here are some of the findings that many researchers agree upon that can help designers understand why colors play a major role in consumer choices and behavior.

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Colors and Emotions - Part 2

People understand and react to colors in mysterious ways. Some colors can elicit both positive or negative responses while others lean more in one direction. Most colors, other than gray, are associated with overall positive emotions. That's what years of color research has found, yet scientists still haven't answered some of the deepest questions about the connection between colors, emotions and behavior.

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Colors and Emotions - Part 1

 The link between colors and emotions taps into deep psychology that is still not completely understood by researchers. While it's clear that color can be perceived and felt in multiple ways, packaging designers can use known studies of the past century and earlier to gain insight in how colors play a compelling role in attracting consumers in retail stores and affecting purchasing decisions. 

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5 Dimensions of Product Emotions - How Packaging Can Help

Packaging of luxury food products and cosmetics involves appealing to multiple layers of emotional meaning. Designers must understand how to embed these emotions in their packaging designs. Here's a deeper look at how knowledge of the five dimensions of product emotion can create a more attractive and appropriate package.

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