Spending less for Gifts in times of crisis - How Fancy Tins can convey value

by Alex Cosper on April 30, 2024

Fancy tins give packaging an extra flare even in times of economic uncertainty. During times of war or other crises, it's typical that prices rise for both supply chains and consumers. Inflation can cut into expenses to the point people must reconsider how they make ends meet. Here's a look at why fancy tins are an excellent choice for cost-cutting gifts while maintaining the appearance of stunning beauty.

Gift-Giving in Tough Economic Times

One of the most popular gifts for any season is candy. But there's a big difference between candy that comes in a plastic bag versus candy packaged in fancy tin. Plastic always looks cheaper than any type of metal. But candy packaged in fancy tins with an eye-catching design elevates an individual's perception of gift value.

During tough economic times, people have less disposable income and look for ways to save money. The most frugal shoppers still seek what appears to be the highest value for the lowest price. The use of fancy tins for food packaging is an effective way to meet this expectation.

How Fancy Tins Convey Value

What makes fancy tins nice gifts is partly their shiny appearance, which many consumers associate with strength, cleanliness and quality. The monetary value of tin depends on various factors, such as its demand, purity and availability. Tin is still commonly used for a wide range of products, due to its lightweight nature and capability to be easily shaped.

Since it's easy to print bright colors on tin, this metal is appropriate for the concept of attractive packaging. Just as an artistic painting can command high asset value if it's on a cheap canvas, fancy tins tap into the same type of emotional value. This combination of visual effects and emotional response creates the impression of higher overall value. That's why fancy tins make nice gift choices for special occasions.

Another key to the value of fancy tins is that such containers can be used for storing small items that are hard to categorize. Instead of storing miscellaneous items in unattractive boxes, people can use fancy tins for storage that blends in with the ambiance of a room.

Reasons Why Tin is Affordable

Supply chain shocks have led to rising prices for raw metals in general the past decade. While mining is the primary method of production for tin, certain metals like tin can be sourced through recycling. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), recycled tin represents about 30 percent of tin consumption. The cost of packaging for manufacturers can be reduced by using recycled tin.

Although tin prices rose dramatically during the pandemic, which created higher demand for semiconductors, following the crisis demand waned as tin prices fell. This situation opened the door for manufacturers to take a closer look at tin as a cost-saving form of packaging. Tin is not the cheapest metal, but usually remains affordable compared with other metals. At the same time, modern tinplate processing doesn't require a high concentration of tin.

Tin can be used as a strong alloy combined with other metals in multiple ways. Over the past century, new innovative forms of tin processing have emerged to help achieve economic efficiency. Much of it can be extracted from the earth's crust, which doesn't require deep mining. Nearly 80 percent of global tin production comes from gravel deposits in places such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Advantages of Fancy Tins for Gifts

There are no limits to colorful design when it comes to fancy tins, giving packaging designers quite an edge for originality. Not only can fancy tins reduce shipping weight, they can tap into endless niche markets that crave visual beauty. So when it comes time for consumers to cut costs on gift-spending, fancy tins stand out as a practical and aesthetic choice.

Fancy tins can also help save money on wrapping paper since the exterior design may already look like nice packaging. The main key when considering fancy tins as gifts is whether or not the packaging matches the expectations of the products. Color schemes, variables of text, brightness, saturation and other factors allow packaging designers to customize for specific niches.

The reason fancy tins work for any type of gift-giving is their flexibility for shapes, sizes and overall shiny appearance. The shine helps reflect emotions of the consumer while the design communicates on an even more subliminal level. The chance for enormous savings is possible with fancy tins for those who regularly buy gifts for a long list of recipients.


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