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How Lifestyles and Perceptions Affect Food Choices

Food choices don't seem to require much analysis because everyone is an expert on what their favorite foods are. The question is: can packaging designers come up with designs that sway consumers to buy foods they haven't tried before? That's an area of consumer research that hasn't been explored much. But here are some ideas on what designers should be thinking about in terms of how lifestyles and perceptions of consumers play a role in their food choices.

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Metal Packaging - Multi-sensory experience in post-COVID times - What we should consider

 Multi-sensory experiences have been linked to brands over the past century as part of the consumer purchasing decision process. Here are points about touch manufacturers and package designers should consider in the post-COVID era.

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Healthy Food Messages on Packaging addressing Millennials

Millennials, more than any other age group so far, pay closest attention to packaging content, especially ingredients. A 2019 study at the University of Valencia, Spain explored how food is marketed to millennials. Here are some of the findings of this unique study on millennials and their attraction to healthy food messages.

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Communicating with Millennial Consumers Through Packaging

Millennial consumers exhibit different buying patterns than other age groups. Before and through the pandemic the majority of millennials have more concern for improving society than getting rich. In order to reach an individual of this demographic and mindset, the packaging should reflect values of efficiency, eco-friendliness and public safety.

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