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Fancy Tins: How the Sense of Touch Affects Purchase Decisions

As much as people love food, they may not want it if it's not touching something they deem acceptable. That's one of the main reasons why the choice of packaging materials is so important. Whatever the food touches, whether it's metal, plastic, paper or some other material, the package must create the perception of a strong and clean barrier from the environment. A bakery must particularly be conscious of how it serves sweets to customers who are often ready to eat a snack right away.

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The Sense of Touch and How Food Packaging Affects Purchase Decisions

The concept of touch plays a big role in food packaging, consumerism and safety concerns. Packaging designers want to make sure the material touching the food is safe. Shoppers like to touch packages before they buy them, which influences perceptions. Here are important points to know from various studies about the sense of touch and how it affects food packaging.

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Consumer "Need for Touch" and Multichannel Purchasing Behaviour - The Strength of Metal Packaging 

Consumer studies on the need for touch (NFT) point toward fascinating opportunities for metal packaging designers to learn new ways to understand shopping behavior. The search and purchasing stages are the key areas of focus that can help a brand gain an edge on understanding of consumer decision-making patterns.

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