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Premium Packaging: Authenticity

Authenticity is a crucial brand value and design cue that confirms in consumers' minds whether a product is premium quality. It's a concept that can be reinforced through packaging for positioning a brand across a wide range of various products. Here's a deeper look at what qualifies a product to be authentic and how it can be communicated through packaging design.

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Premium Packaging: Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is the most subtle packaging design cue that communicates a brand's quality. Through different periods of history it has been associated with classy design and respected reputation. The "less is more" concept, however, is complex for designers in the sense that it really comes down to the specific product and how it relates to a premium experience.

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Premium Packaging: Extraordinary Differentiation

The product/package design is like its own medium of communication that connects with consumers. Graphic designers must understand how consumers interpret the design and how it affects purchasing behavior. Here are points to remember about the relationship between packaging design and the target market for premium products.

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