Why the COSMetic Organic Standard (COSMOS) is an Opportunity for Private Label Cosmetics

by Alex Cosper on March 29, 2018

The COSMetic Organic Standard is an important add on for private label cosmetics manufacturers. It can give even a lesser known brand credibility and a competitive edge, especially versus products that do not carry this organic or natural signature on packaging. Here are reasons why a private label cosmetics maker should consider adhering to this globally-recognized standard.

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Packages that display the COSMOS standard signature for organic or natural cosmetics communicate a strong message to environmentally-conscious consumers. It essentially says that the company pays close attention to the materials it uses for products and packaging to help protect the environment. Emphasis is put on materials that are durable and can be recycled.

Additionally, many organic and natural consumers want materials that are free of chemicals that may be harmful to human health. Unlike last century, many consumers now study the ingredients on the labels of food and cosmetics products. They also have much more knowledge at their fingertips by studying topics such as the environment on the internet.

Organic and natural consumers tend to want products free of petrochemicals and GMOs. They also study labels to check for preservatives and materials that affect endangered species. These buyers trust and gravitate toward brands that share eco-friendly values. Even consumers who do not do deep research on organics can associate the organic or natural signature with green values.

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The strongest reason for using the COSMOS standard, besides taking environmental responsibility, is to tap into the enormous market that already is going green. A private label has the advantage to differentiate itself from a national brand that uses conventional processes. While there are many product choices at a beauty supplies retail outlet, usually conventional products outnumber organic or green products. The COSMOS standard signature helps a product stand out as organic or natural.

Sustainability is a concept closely associated with innovation. It encompasses new ideas to use natural materials more efficiently, reducing waste. So products that display the COSMOS standard signature convey a modern image that attracts eco-friendly consumers.

Private labels need to look for holes in the market in which they can serve consumers where there is demand. Since the demand for organic and natural products has grown exponentially this century, it's advantageous for a private label brand to look into gaining approval for the COSMOS standard. Consumers who seek organic or natural products perceive these items to have higher quality than conventional products and are often willing to pay a higher price.


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