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A Lean Supply Chain for Cosmetics and Food - What Makes it Special? - 3/3

Business relationships are an essential component of an efficient and successful Lean supply chain for cosmetics and food, including those in which Desjardin is a participant. The Lean supply model is special because it provides 12 elements that are designed to improve efficiency in a businesses’ value chain and supply base.

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A Lean Supply Chain for Cosmetics or Food - How to Optimize the Supply Chain’s Activities in Orchestrating Participants & Limited Resources - 2/3

Everyone knows the importance of a good relationship. In a Lean supply chain, business relationships have a value all their own. These relationships have a direct impact on company efficiency that is greater than when focus is directed on competitiveness or an individual firm’s efficiency.

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A Lean Supply Chain for Cosmetics or Food - What Does it Look Like? - 1/3

Lean thinking is a management concept that takes its cue from management practices implemented by Toyota and eventually other members of the Japanese automobile industry in the 1980s. Manufacturers who implement Lean management do so with the goal of achieving operational improvement and cost reduction. While some firms keep to the initial focus of Lean, which is to improve internal efficiency, it can be extended to external suppliers as a way of coping with uncertainty within the supply chain. Lean Supply (LS) techniques are used to focus on external integration and extended value streams that bring value to products and services that help sustain value chains, while keeping businesses competitive.

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