Special Shapes and Effects: Meeting Consumer Demands in the Digital Age

by Anne-Marie Byrd on November 02, 2023

This article describes how special shapes and effects in metal packaging meet evolving consumer demands in online retail. It also shows their impact on visibility, branding, and sales.

The Changing Landscape of Consumer Demands

In an era where online retail is rapidly gaining ground, consumer demands are evolving at an accelerated pace. The traditional elements of packaging, which were once designed with only physical retail spaces in mind, now need to stand out in digital catalogs as well. A scroll through an e-commerce site is fundamentally different from a walk through a physical store, yet the objective remains the same: capture consumer attention. 

Role of Special Shapes and Effects in Online Visibility and Branding

In the crowded digital marketplace, differentiation is key. Here, special shapes and effects in metal packaging assume critical importance. Unique shapes not only catch the eye but can also imbue a brand with a distinct identity. Similarly, effects like embossing or matte finishing can enhance visual appeal. 

Desjardin offers an array of such specialized options, allowing brands to elevate their online presence. The choice of a unique shape or a novel closure can set a product apart in a sea of thumbnails and contribute to a more engaging consumer experience. 

Case Studies: The Impact on Sales

Innovative packaging has demonstrated measurable impacts on sales. Brands that have opted for special shapes and effects often report increased visibility, which translates to higher click-through rates on e-commerce platforms. One particular case saw a 20% rise in online sales after a shift to a uniquely shaped metal package, emphasizing the pivotal role of design in online retail success.

Summary and Outlook

As consumer behavior continues to evolve in the digital age, so too must the approach to packaging. Special shapes and effects are no longer mere embellishments but essential tools for differentiation and branding. Desjardin's extensive range of options positions them well to help manufacturing companies meet the shifting demands of the modern consumer, both in physical stores and online platforms.


Topics: Supply Chain, Modern Packaging

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