Within the Lean supply model, favorable conditions are created for manufacturers and suppliers to share best practices and build relationships.

This can be crucial for integrating resource flows and performing collaborative improvement.

Such improved relationships are essential for enhancing supplier efficiency.

Inside this e-book you will discover

... insights into trends, concepts and facts around:

  • Lean Supply Chain Conepts
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • ERP-Integrated Supply Chains
  • Desjardin's involvement and contribution

Desjardin thinks green

A critical issue for product marketing companies is the just-in-time supply of products at any part of the world. This pursuit is shared by the small family-run chocolatier or the large-volume oriented pharmaceutical company.

Desjardin’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing processes do not just start with the production.

Desjardin's  customer support starts during  the phase of product development. Coordination at this early stage reduces time-to-market and production costs through a ready and operating manufacturing process at the customer side, in the very moment when the product’s R&D phase is finalized.

Desjardin supports customers reducing their environmental fingerprint in the spirit of the ISO 14 000.

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