It is undeniable that there is consumer desire for sustainable forms of packaging The amount of metal, paper, and biodegradable polymers used in packaging have been steadily gaining on plastic usage over the last few years.

Many companies are pushing to meet the customer interest and it is predicted that there will be a strong future market for sustainably designed packaging.

This is great news for the environment and provides a new avenue for manufacturers of packed products.

Inside this e-book you will discover

... insights into trends, a mapping of a new environment conscience and product packaging, scientific backgrounds, labels and an attempt to look at future developments:

  • Trends & Social Responsibility
  • Comparing Metal and Plastics
  • Standards and Sustainability Labels
  • Biodegradable Packaging
  • Future of Packaging

Desjardin thinks green

Metal packaging is among the solutions most Eco-Efficient thanks to its high recyclability. Metal, tinplate and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing its technical qualities. Desjardin custom metal containers are infinitely customizable : round, rectangular or oval, white or aluminum iron, with hinged lid, screw or styling. The lower parts can be stamped, welded or stapled. You can add a variety of options: closures style box coffee, butterfly openings, terrain and 3D embossing varnishes style matte and glossy, cracked.

Desjardin supports customers reducing their environmental fingerprint in the spirit of the ISO 14 000.


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